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Our commitment: prevention, rigor and competence


Genesis and History

The law firm Brochado Coelho e Associados finds its genesis in the firm founded in the city of Porto by the prestigious Lawyer Fernando Brochado Coelho, a multidisciplinary center of litigation in court, where they have always stood out for the impressive collective spirit of mutual help, tolerance and professional respect for opinion of the “Colleagues”, regardless of their origin, age and academic background.

It was this space that served as training for so many qualified Jurists, the cradle of a legal practice based on a “college of specialties”, which culminated in the constitution of this society in 2008, on the initiative of its daughter Teresa Brochado Coelho.

Since then, the society has broadened its roots, always with the concern to respect the principles of professional specialization, raising the provision of advocacy services to performance standards focused on prevention and success by results.

Thus, in 2019, a new challenge was presented to this Firm with the entry of new partners, associates and consultants, the expansion to the city of Braga, new facilities for its headquarters office in Porto and the option for its corporate re-branding, thus continuing the process of consolidating the Brochado Coelho Advogados brand in the national and international legal market.



Combining youth with experience and innovation with thoughtfulness, the Society favors work sorted by teas, in order to provide the best response for the most different social and business contexts, in a world strongly characterized by change.

Pragmatically aiming at the most efficient and advantageous solutions for its clients, Brochado Coelho Advogados continues the litigation component that has always distinguished it, while following the evolution of the profession by investing in advocacy based on prevention, time optimization and alternative resolution litigation.



Without losing sight of the independence and technical autonomy inherent in the Lawyer profession, the legal practice of the Brochado Coelho Advogados brand associates a high degree of experience and specialization with principles based on prevention, rigor, competence, efficiency, attention and availability, in a true spirit of commitment to all its clients and those who seek legal advice for the defense of rights, composition of interests and sponsorship of controversial legal relationships.